National eCommerce & Digital Marketing

National eCommerce & Digital Marketing


Business is moving at an accelerated speed today while the business landscape is getting more, and more complex.   Think content explosion, the proliferation and advancement of mobile devise, and the ever expanding application landscape. Technology is making it easier to bring to market new products and services in and across every industry known to humankind. While this is a huge benefit, it creates an equally significant problem for many business owners, whom are left with determining how and what to keep their pulse on, and then following through with execution and measuring success.

NEC seeks to bring to the forefront the resources and strength of local and national chambers of commerce as a hub for local business to leverage to grow their businesses. There are valuable resources and contacts that can be leveraged for networking with other link minded business owners and with other complimentary businesses as partnerships and alliances. These chambers also provide local insights and intelligence, and for building

The National eCommerce Chamber is also an authority that small to medium sized business can leverage when it comes to understanding the latest trends in eCommerce and Digital Marketing. Many small to medium sized business are continually looking to grow their business while at the same time learning to become more efficient in their business processes. NEC seeks to close the gap between business’ growth goals and existing/future technologies.

We're here to keep businesses relevant and growing by focusing on the following areas:

Knowledge & Training

  • Innovative Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Trends & Strategies
  • eCommerce: Pure & Hybrid models
  • Social Media Marketing Solutions & Leading Practices
  • Business Growth Strategies via Mobile Marketing
  • Content Marketing Strategies
  • Process Improvement & Productivity Tools

Chamber Resources & Activities

  • Chamber Listings
  • Business Directory Services
  • Key Networking Events
  • Networking Strategies 


  • Energy, Water and Environment (Green) Causes
  • Eduction & Workforce Development
  • Health Care
  • Innovation & Technology