Digitally Savvy Chambers of Commerce

Digitally Savvy Chambers of Commerce

National, State and local trade councils, also know as chambers of commerce, have been a solid foundation for networking opportunities for business owners for many years, however online networking is quickly changing the way we meet and collaborate with customers and with other business owners. LinkedIn, in particularly, has turned into a key platform for business to network and build leads and knowledge. Although a great digital platform, it’s still not a viable replacement for the in-person networking opportunities that are provided by the nearby chambers of commerce. It is much less demanding to assemble a compatibility—and connections—with individuals you can see and converse with eye to eye.

Yet, online networking has its place, notwithstanding for nearby chambers. At the point when utilized accurately, online networking cooperation can help chambers increase new individuals, spread the news about chamber occasions, and shape new associations.

It’s unthinkable for us to know whether the chambers we’ve highlighted here are achieving their objectives, whatever those may be, however we can assess the quantity of preferences, adherents, and so on that every chamber has on different stages, so that is the thing that we did. We going to start looking at chambers of commerce around the US and reporting on their value in today’s ever changing business environment.

Online networking is always developing, as is our equation. There are still 100 criteria that is possible, yet the way they are apportioned has changed. We’ll be focusing on key platform capabilities such as Facebook, 20 for Twitter, 15 for YouTube, 15 for LinkedIn, 15 for Google Plus, 5 for Pinterest, 5 for Instagram, and 5 for Flickr. The goal of our analysis is to understand what technology platforms are these chambers using to communicate witty h members and the community at large.  In the meantime we’ve chosen our national chamber of commerce organizations to start out with so you can see what they have to offer in terms of digital networking.

US Chamber of Commerce ~ 1615 H St NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20062

  1. Facebook: 47,829 Likes, 3,932 talking about, 11,126 check ins
  2. Twitter: Following: 1887, Tweets 20,900
  3. YouTube: 4,974,176 views, 1,729 subscribers
  4. LinkedIn: 11,002 Followers

Stay tuned for additional updates as we make it through 2016 and beyond.

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